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Who am I, and why did I start this blog?


I've been living in Asia Since September 2011, I will always remember this because I arrived in Singapore the day before the Singapore Grand Prix and just before the horrendous flooding in Thailand.

When I first moved to Asia I was single, had a great job and was enjoying life. I started a blog about how great life was, but it was also so crazy that either I didn't have time to blog or couldn't really find the words to explain life without sounding like a spoilt, jumped up expat with only "first world problems" to worry about.

Oh how life catches up with you, and those "first world problems" take on a new meaning when all you want is for an NHS midwife to explain something to you clearly in English, or your mum to hold your hand when you get bad news in hospital or your best friend to come over with a bottle of wine (that isn't loaded with import tax) and talk about life being shitty as you get old(er).

So here I am, now in Bangkok, now with a husband, still with a good job and now trying to conceive (TTC) my first baby.
How "first world problem" can it get...old(er) bird, with old(er) eggs, making life changing decisions about how much money to throw at a problem, that to be quite frank might not be solvable.
Living in Thailand you learn that most problems are fixable if you throw enough money at it. But in the last 18 months I've learnt that isn't always the case. 

You can't throw money at a miscarriage when you are doubled up in pain and tears on the bathroom floor, you can't throw money at your doctor (who is already one of the best in the world) to get her to eloquently and fluently explain the medical jargon to you in basic English, with English sentiment and English sensitivity, and you can't instantaneously get your mum or your best friend to sit with you on the sofa to drink wine and cry your heart out when it keeps going wrong.

So this blog is about navigating the medical world in Bangkok in particular, about how we (my husband and I) are finding out information that we hope will help others, and about reaching out to give support to other women (and men) who might be lost amongst the TTC jargon, the TTC options and all things Thai.

Apologies if I go off piste a little sometimes...it's always nice to have an avenue to rant, and I frequently need to rant about things in Thailand, be they medically related or not.

I'd love to have feedback about other people's experiences, tips, recommendations and to hear what other people need to know that I may be able to help with. Feel free to comment.

And last, but most definitely not least, I should add that I have an adorable, supportive and financially astute husband that holds my hand every step of the way. When we get our visit from our stork it will be largely because we worked together and supported each other, it isn't easy making such life changing decisions without having some of your most trusted family and friends near you, so hold on to your loved ones and trust in who you can.

Good luck, I hope everyone reading this and trying to conceive gets a visit from their stork soon.

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Get Informed, Give True Consent!

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